ABC Is Going Back to the Future With a Live-Action Version of The Jetsons

It’s sorta optimistic ABC thinks there is a future. Photo: ABC

When you lose Shonda Rhimes, you can always fall back on remakes of old cartoons. ABC is developing a live-action version of the 1960s Hanna-Barbara cartoon The Jetsons, written by Family Guy and Will & Grace’s Gary Janetti. The series will put a “modern filter” on the futuristic nuclear family, which will surely mean that we’ll get to learn just how sentient Rosie the housekeeper is (does she have rights? Does she know what love is???). There have been several attempts to turn The Jetsons into a film, a project Kanye told the world that Kanye was involved with back in 2013, and Warner Animation Group is currently developing an animated version with Sausage Party’s Conrad Vernon. ABC’s new series will go along great with NBC’s Brooklyn-set Munsters reboot, and to be honest, it’ll all be worth it if this leads to a reboot of The Yogi Bear Show where Snagglepuss gets to be openly gay.

ABC Is Making a Live-Action Version of The Jetsons