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Alec Baldwin’s Trump Returns to Weekend Update to Bid a Final Farewell to Grim Reaper Steve Bannon

Parting is such sweet sorrow, even when it comes to saying good-bye to SNL’s morbid portrayal of Steve Bannon as an ominous grim reaper with a voice similar to the villain from the Saw franchise. On Thursday’s final Weekend Update: Summer Edition, Alec Baldwin made a triumphant return to the NBC variety show to portray President Donald Trump. While Baldwin’s Trump tries to bid his former chief strategist a “proper good-bye,” Bannon promises that his firing will only make him more powerful and threatens to “crush” Trump. Watch the whole cold open above, which also features Trump dealing with the effects of looking directly at the eclipse, his recent Phoenix rally, and Trump claiming that the one victim of Charlottesville was himself.

Baldwin’s Trump Returns to Weekend Update to Boot Bannon