All the Unbearably Intense Sexual-Tension GIFs You Need From the Call Me by Your Name Trailer

Oh, my. Photo: Sony Pictures Classics’

Today, we got the trailer for Call Me by Your Name, the standout gay romance that premiered at Sundance about Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet giving each other significant glances in Italy. The film is based on the novel by André Aciman, directed by A Bigger Splash’s Luca Guadagnino, and written by Merchant Ivory’s James Ivory. But enough about the details of the film: What we’re here to discuss today is the sexual tension on display in the trailer, for it is a thing of true beauty and delight, and a perfect opportunity to make GIFs — lots of them. The next time you consider using something as crude as a winky face or eggplant emoji, consider sending one of these refined creations instead.

Let’s start things off with some light gazing across the room, as Oliver (Hammer) admires Elio (Chalamet) fingering the ivories.

If you haven’t read Call Me by Your Name, I’m not going to say what happens with a peach. But rest assured: Stuff happens with a peach.

That face when someone mentions knots.

You have my attention.

It’s always a sign when guys are really into the Greeks.

Time to get serious — like, “going from playing a kid in Homeland to starring in a romantic drama based on a book” serious.

Gaze longingly at me across a stretch of greenery on a hot Italian summer day in a way that makes me question my sexuality and spurs me on a journey of self-discovery I will reckon with throughout the rest of my life, daddy.

I’m pretty sure this GIF is somehow actually a Sufjan Stevens lyric.


Okay, that was intense, so here are a pair of lighter GIFs, just so we relax for a second. Roughhousing! Roughousing is fun.

Spinning is great, and very romantic. Anyway, brace yourselves, because up next we have …

(Any caption I would try to write here would probably be deleted by my editor.)

Yes, this is an appropriate reaction to the above.

Let’s lighten it up with some dancing.

Now, time to bike away with this joy.

Oh and let’s watch the trailer again, for old time’s sake.

All the GIFs You Need From the Call Me by Your Name Trailer