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The Trailer for Netflix’s True-Crime Satire Series American Vandal Asks: Who Drew the Dicks?

True crime is huge right now. The Jinx, Serial, S-Town, Making a Murderer, all those JonBenét Ramsey specials that happened — each of them unpacked tales of murder and injustice and fed the American consumer desire for rehashed tragedies and high-stakes mysteries. But not every crime is a capital offense, and the big question driving Netflix’s new series American Vandal is a much less murder-y one: Who drew all those penises on the cars in the faculty parking lot? The eight-part true-crime satire tells the story of a prank at the fictional Hanover High School that left 27 school staffers with dicks drawn on their cars. And like any true-crime series worth its mystery, the prime suspect, Dylan Maxwell, insists on his innocence and sets out to solve the case so he can clear his name and avoid suspension. American Vandal starts streaming on Netflix September 15.

American Vandal Trailer: Netflix’s True-Crime Satire Series