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Amy Poehler and Julie Klausner Confirm That the Billy Eichner–John Cho Difficult People Romance Will Be ‘Hot’ and ‘Sexy’

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for New York Magazine

This might not come as a huge surprise, but we can now all find comfort in knowing that the upcoming Difficult People romance between John Cho and Billy Eichner will be nothing short of a steamy delight. That’s at least according to executive producers Julie Klausner and Amy Poehler, who on Monday night at long last pushed past those well-thought-out character details to give us some juicy hints on how much action we’ll be seeing. The pair joined Vulture’s own Jesse David Fox in Manhattan for a special post-screening Q&A co-presented by Hulu, and after running down season three’s impressive list of guest stars — including but not limited to John Turturro, Lucy Liu, and Vanessa Williams — they finally turned to the pressing topic of new cast addition Cho “getting it on” with Eichner.

Poehler kicked things off by describing what excited her about Cho’s character and how he clashes with Billy. “How interesting … to pit [Billy] against somebody who’s equally as cynical and can snap back,” she explained, before gushing “also — seeing [them] looks hot.” Klausner then enthusiastically chimed in. “They’re very sexy together,” she said, generously. “They have chemistry and they’re both really good-looking guys, getting it on — which I’m in favor of.” Of course, we would have high expectations for any relationship between Billy Eichner, Total Hunk, and John Cho, Romantic Lead. But reader, the confirmation that the season-three trailer’s kiss is but a brief tease of what’s to come is, well, too exciting to ignore.

Difficult People season three premieres Tuesday, August 8, on Hulu.

Prepare for a “Hot,” “Sexy” John Cho–Billy Eichner Romance