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Trust Flat-Earth Truther B.o.B to Have an Opinion About the Solar Eclipse

The only take today needs. Photo: Paras Griffin/WireImage

By all accounts, today was a good day for science. Tons of people stood outside to watch the first total solar eclipse visible in the U.S. in decades and only about half of them didn’t follow the instructions and will probably go blind for it. We’d file that under a win. But if you ask rapper B.o.B, noted scholar of the cosmos and flat-Earth truther — really, who’s more qualified to consult on the matter? — the whole event was an excuse to perpetuate a lie. According to B.o.B, the moon generates its own light and any other correct theory you learned in elementary-school textbooks (and probably from Bill Nye) was merely an alternative fact. Allow him to (attempt to) explain:

And no matter what science has to say to the contrary, B.o.B just can’t be swayed.

But sure, go ahead and try.

In B.o.B’s defense, perhaps he just saw Moonlight and his mind is still blown.

Flat Earth Truther B.o.B Has Some Bad Solar Eclipse Thoughts