Baby Driver Has Found Itself in the Middle of a Musical Lawsuit

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Oh, baby. The son of T. Rex front man Marc Bolan has filed a copyright-infringement lawsuit against Sony Pictures Entertainment, claiming that the company didn’t do its due diligence to be able to use the T. Rex tune “Debora” in Baby Driver. Per the Wrap, Rolan Feld — who says he is the copyright holder of the song after his father died in 1977 — is alleging that Sony never tried to properly clear “Debora,” with the lawsuit stating the following whenever Feld tried to contact them: “Sony responded with a series of conflicting explanations, claims that other parties were liable for the infringement, and requests for more time to investigate the matter.”

The lawsuit also states that although a branch of Sony did indeed try to contact the song’s copyright owner, Feld didn’t know “Debora” was actually being featured in the film until he received a request to use it on Baby Driver’s soundtrack. “In other words, at least one division of Sony had no trouble determining Plaintiff was the rightful owner of the U.S. copyright in the composition,” the paperwork claims. It’s unclear what damages Feld is currently seeking.

Baby Driver Is in the Middle of a Musical Lawsuit