Bill Hader Dropped by Last Night’s ‘Weekend Update’ Special as Anthony Scaramucci

SNL’s first Weekend Update special aired on NBC last night, and during the episode, Michael Che got interrupted by SNL alum Bill Hader, who made a short but sweet cameo as fired White House communications director and “human cocaine” Anthony Scaramucci. The Mooch tries his best to clear up the confusion surrounding the now infamous comments he made to a New Yorker reporter before losing his job: “By the by, I was completely misquoted. I didn’t say that Bannon tried to S his own C – he did it! He made contact, I saw it! Tongue to tip!” So, looking back, would he do anything differently? “The Mooch has no regrets, baby! All I did was sell my company, miss the birth of my child, and ruin my entire reputation, all to be King of Idiot Mountain for 11 days.”

Check out some more clips from last night’s Weekend Update special below featuring Kenan Thompson, Mikey Day, and Leslie Jones:

Bill Hader Dropped by Last Night’s ‘Weekend Update’ […]