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Is Bill Murray at Groundhog Day for Two Nights in a Row, or Is Your Life Just Trapped in a Loop?

Dedicated theater patron. Photo: Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Performers in Broadway’s Groundhog Day might have trouble differentiating between their real lives and their characters’ tonight when they look out in the audience and see Bill Murray. On Tuesday, Murray saw the musical adaptation of the 1993 movie that he starred in, for the first time. Always one to commit to a bit, Murray decided to live like Phil Connors, the lead character he originated, by repeating his same day over again (or at least his evening plans), by going to see the show for a second night in a row on Wednesday. The New York Times reporter who went with Murray last night, Sopan Deb, confirmed Murray’s repeat viewing:

During Tuesday’s performance, Murray was quite the engaged audience member, yelling, guffawing, pumping his fists, and openly weeping. Who’s to say what he’ll do this time around — or if, like Phil Connors, he’ll keep the bit going many times over — but any young boys also in attendance should look for opportunities to ask for a Junior Mint from the actor’s pocket.

Bill Murray, Stuck in Time Loop, Sees Groundhog Day Again