Jared Leto’s Blade Runner Character Gets a Creepy Introduction in This 2049 Prequel Short Film

A lot’s gone down between 2019, the year of the original Blade Runner, and when LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling) stumbles upon Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) in Blade Runner 2049. To catch us up, director Denis Villeneuve has commissioned a short to set in the interim time between the two movies. According to Collider, the short was directed by Luke Scott (Morgan), and takes place in 2036. It shows Niander Wallace (Jared Leto) presenting his new line of replicants in an attempt to get the replicant prohibition repealed. The latest model is called the Nexus 9: They look identical to humans, and bleed when cut. According to Villeneuve’s introduction, Scott’s short is the first of three prequels to fill in the Blade Runner history. See Blade Runner 2049 on October 6.

Meet Jared Leto’s Blade Runner Character in This New Short