Conan O’Brien Heads to Israel Next Month for His New ‘Conan Without Borders’ Special

Conan O’Brien has another remote special in the works. During last night’s show, O’Brien revealed that he’s headed to Israel next month to tape another special for his TBS show called Conan Without Borders: Israel. “Due to all the division and strife and intractable hatred and violence in this country right now, I’ve decided to leave America for the relative peace, sanity, and quiet of the Middle East,” he said. “I may be in Israel the same week as President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who’s been sent there to broker a Middle East solution. Well, it occurred to me, I figure Kushner and I have the same amount of experience with foreign relations … I might actually have more, so maybe I’ll work with the guy. We could make something happen maybe!” The special will air on TBS sometime next month.

UPDATE: TBS confirmed today that the special will air on Tuesday, September 19th at 10:00pm and will include stops in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and more.

Conan O’Brien Heads to Israel Next Month for His New […]