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Before We All Move On, The Daily Show Brings You President Trump Staring Straight at the Eclipse One Last Time

Whether they participated in the giddy party vibes or not, every American will remember where he or she was during Monday’s solar eclipse. Those same Americans will undoubtedly also remember where they were when they saw President Trump look directly up at the eclipse without proper eye protection, the same terrible compulsion you, despite reading panicky texts from your mom, op-eds from ophthalmologists, and countless headline reminders, worried you, too, would succumb to. And while the news cycle continues turning and turning on its widening gyre (POTUS himself has already moved on to our strategy in Afghanistan), The Daily Show at least offers you one last look at that one last look Trump took at the sky, in defiance of science and common sense. In as much as he literally could not fight the urge to stare at the eclipse, a perverse, dangerous urge you can try to pretend you don’t have but you know is lurking somewhere in the back of your mind, Trump was truly a man of the people today.

Daily Show Brings You Trump’s Eclipse Moment One Last Time