Dave Chappelle on Trump’s ‘Polarizing’ Presidency: Like a Bad DJ at a Good Party

Though Dave Chappelle has since apologized for suggesting we give Donald Trump a chance, on tonight’s Late Show he defends his opening monologue from his Saturday Night Live hosting stint in November. As the comedian explained to Colbert, at that time the 45th president had just been elected. If anything, the idea that maybe we should take a second to breathe and see what happens, was, at the time, refreshing. Now that Trump has been in charge for the past six months, Chappelle confirms what we all know: Trump is a “polarizing dude.” “He’s like a bad DJ at a good party,” he quipped. He also went on to make a point about “traction” that clearly confused Colbert, and could probably use a bit of reworking like some of his other Trump material.

Dave Chappelle Thinks Trump Is ‘A Bad DJ at a Good Party’