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Cameron Crowe Shares the Very Relatable, Very Fun Memory of David Lynch Rejecting His Fast Times at Ridgemont High Directorial Advances

Photo: Universal Pictures

David Lynch is a man of many talents, many of which border on the surreal and the WTF. But one of those talents is not, in fact, directing the coming-of-age comedy classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High. (Who would’ve thought!) At least according to the film’s screenwriter Cameron Crowe, who recently divulged that before he settled on Amy Heckerling to take on Fast Times’ directing duties, he had major googly eyes for Lynch. The feelings weren’t exactly reciprocated. “I had a meeting with David Lynch,” he told Variety as part of a 35th-anniversary feature on the film. “He had a very wry smile on his face as I sat talking with him. He went and read it. We met again. He was very, very sweet about it, but slightly perplexed we thought of him. He said this was a really nice story but ‘it’s not really the kind of thing that I do, but good luck.’ He got into the white VW bug and drove off.” A kind rejection? Leaving the scene in a very cute Volkswagen, presumably to hone the Dune script? Sounds like him, alright.

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