Game of Thrones Gets a Star Wars Makeover With This Arya and Brienne Lightsaber Battle

If you’ve been writing up some steamy Game of Thrones and Star Wars crossover fan fiction, this video very well might be up your alley. One fan by the name of Omid G. decided to edit the amicable yet badass contest of arms between Arya and Brienne from the episode The Spoils of War by adding some lightsabers. While the two Westeros characters’ bout was already epic as it was, the new added special effects basically prove they could be Jedi were they to live a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Of course, Gwendoline Christie already plays Captain Phasma in the Star Wars universe. With over a million views, this edit proves any sword fight can be improved with some whooshing noises and some energy blades.

Arya and Brienne Get Some Lightsabers in Viral Edit by Fan