wight in a bag

A Tribute to the Wight in a Bag, a Crucial Player in Game of Thrones’ Latest Battle

When Jon Snow and his band of very chilly merry men made a plan to head out from Eastwatch at the end of last week’s episode of Game of Thrones, their primary goal was to capture a wight to prove to Cersei that the White Walker threat really is something she might want to deal with. In tonight’s episode, things went just a teeny bit off the rails, given that Daenerys had to step in to save the Eastwatch team and lose a dragon in the process. But there was one solid win for Jon, Dany, and everyone else: They really did bag a wight. Literally.

Then, for the rest of this week’s episode, the wight had to spend its time struggling inside the bag while the rest of our heroes defended themselves from the Night King. First, it senses the arrival of its allies.

Then it lies in wait, planning its next move.

Time to wriggle!

Even in the midst of battle, the Eastwatch team tries to defend the wight in a bag.

Sometimes this is harder than it looks.

The Night King’s armies close in. Is the wight in a bag saved? It wriggles a hopeful wriggle.

But then Daenerys arrives, and the wight in a bag gets scooped up by Sandor Clegane.

Stuck on the back of the dragon, still wriggling.

Drogon swerves as they escape, but the wight in a bag is still onboard.

What will the future hold for the wight in a bag? Will it ever get out of the bag? Will it get to have its very own audience with Cersei? When reached for comment by Vulture, the wight in a bag simply wriggled and then shivered. Haunting stuff.

A Tribute to Game of Thrones’ Valiant Wight in a Bag