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The New Great British Bake Off Trailer: Is It Saccharine? Creepy? A Surrealist Stop-motion Extravaganza?

It’s finally here. After months of waiting to see what Channel 4’s version of the beloved Great British Bake Off was going to be, we’ve been given a trailer of … stop-motion pastries and bread singing a Paul McCartney song while being baked. (They really want to show off that new budget, eh?) Whether it’s cute or creepy is up to you, but remember that no amount of praying to the Choux Pastry Gods will ever bring back Mary, Mel, and Sue. So win or lose, sink or swim, watch these baked goods sing themselves to their eventual deaths, ya buggers. Bake Off is “coming soon” to Channel 4.

Update, August 20: In a new, short video teased on its official Twitter account, Channel 4 announced that Bake Off will be returning to television in the U.K. on August 29. (Next week!) Whether the series will air in America, on PBS, in the future is not currently known.

The Great British Bake Off Is Back With a Creepy Trailer