vmas 2017

Heather Heyer’s Mother, Susan Bro, Announced a Foundation Honoring Her Daughter at the VMAs

When Susan Bro, the mother of Charleston victim Heather Heyer, stepped onstage at the VMAs, it was an emotional moment. Throughout the night, presenters and winners addressed national politics, mental heath, and social-justice advocacy, but Bro’s statement about her daughter’s death at the hands of white supremacists was the most moving. “Only 15 days ago, my daughter Heather was killed as she protested racism. I miss her, but I know she’s here tonight,” Bro said, after being introduced by a descendant of Robert E. Lee who called for unity despite the hateful actions prompted by the removal of statues of his ancestor. Bro’s appearance also came with an announcement: She has founded the Heather Heyer Foundation, which will give scholarships to other activists. “Please visit our website to help me make Heather’s death count,” Bro said. “I want people to know that Heather never marched alone. She was always joined by people from every race and every background in this country.”

Heather Heyer’s Mother Honored Her Daughter at the VMAs