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At Last, We Know How Pretty Little Liars’ Iconic Wine Moms Got Out of the Basement


Out of all of the loose threads that Pretty Little Liars left us throughout the past few years, perhaps none was more welcome than the curious case of the Wine Moms. Back in season six, the delightful momma squad of Pam Fields, Ella Montgomery, Ashley Marin, and Veronica Hastings drank too many red grapes and found themselves locked in a basement, only for a time-jump to occur and the topic to be completely dropped. The series finale managed to sneak in a solid wink wink moment when three of the moms discussed their traumatic ordeal (“Oh my god, you remember how we got out of there?” / “You know, Pam didn’t drink for a year after that”), which, frankly, seemed like a perfect way to end the saga. But alas, Liars! Showrunner I. Marlene King was recently pressed by leading lady Shay Mitchell to give a definitive answer about the moms once and for all, and this is what she believes occurred on that fateful evening:

They were in there a long time, and they had to probably climb on top of each other. And then, since it was Pam who didn’t drink for a year, she probably had to take her clothes off and put oil on her and they slid her out of the window.

Hey, at least they didn’t decapitate themselves with an ax. Classic Noel!

How Pretty Little Liars’ Wine Moms Got Out of the Basement