John Early Sends Some Love and Light to Trump, Scaramucci, and the GOP on ‘The Tonight Show’

In case you weren’t aware, earlier this year John Early took it upon himself to offer some positive, encouraging messages to various members of the Trump administration. He’s already sent happy vibes to people like Mike Pence, Sean Spicer, Betsy DeVos, and Ivanka Trump, and during last night’s Tonight Show he appeared as “GOP Fanboy John Early” to send some well-wishes to Trump, the GOP, and the recently fired Reince Preibus and Anthony Scaramucci. “Keep telling it like it is, Mooch! We as a nation love that you’re not PC and/or fake. Enjoy that time off, babe! I hope you spend it like Steve Bannon would – by sucking your own…” “Oh hey, John John John! John, you’re on national television!” Hopefully the next time Early appears on The Tonight Show they’ll let him bring this gem to a wider audience:

John Early Sends Some Love and Light to Trump, […]