John Oliver Urges Republicans to Call Out Trump With Advice From Destiny’s Child

John Oliver has criticized Donald Trump’s botched response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia — first “on many sides,” and then “on both sides,” — before. But now Last Week Tonight’s gaze has shifted to the Republicans in office, who seem unable to explicitly criticize the president’s remarks. “After the president of the United States implied that good people were marching with Nazis, the overwhelming majority of Republicans opted not to condemn him,” Oliver said. “By our count of 292 Republicans in Congress, only about 54 could be bothered to unequivocally condemn Trump by name, and that is less than 20 percent.” Oliver then turns to Destiny’s Child for advice: Say his name, say his name. Appropriately, the song was from the album The Writing’s on the Wall, which is about how we’re feeling right now.

John Oliver Uses Beyoncé to Advise Republicans on Trump