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John Oliver Enlists Weird Al Yankovic to Appeal to North Korea’s Love of Accordions With Polka Song ‘Please Don’t Nuke Us, North Korea’

On yesterday’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver eviscerated Trump for refusing to condemn the heinous actions of white supremacists and Nazis that left one dead and 19 injured in Charlottesville, Virginia. While Trump’s “on many sides” statement is one example of his repeated failure to publicly disavow white supremacists, his recent “fire and fury” threat aimed at North Korea might have the most immediate impact on the country. In another segment on his show, Oliver likens Trump’s improvised warning to the prospect of Wayne Brady at a funeral: “Now is not a good time to improvise.” Oliver not only explained Kim Jong-un’s nuclear weapons as a means of self-preservation, he appealed to North Korea’s quite real love for the accordion by enlisting Weird Al Yankovic to sing “Please Don’t Nuke Us, North Korea” with a full polka band. While most of the song pleads the case that most Americans aren’t so bad and “probably couldn’t find your country on a map,” Weird Al also makes this salient point: “Why in the world would you kill Tom Hanks? ’Cause nobody doesn’t like Tom Hanks.”

John Oliver Has Weird Al Serenade North Koreans With Polka