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Here Are a Bunch of GIFs of Jon and Daenerys Staring at Each Other

Do you want Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow to hook up? Aside from all the business with the invading White Walker army and the battle for the Iron Throne, that’s one of the main questions driving this season of Game of Thrones. On the one hand, Jon and Dany are, if you read between the lines, related to each other. Daenerys’s older brother Rhaegar impregnated Lyanna Stark (after a secret annulment and remarriage, according to Gilly), who then gave birth to Jon, according to the famous tale of R+L=J. Despite the fact that the King of the North and the Khaleesi with way too many titles have gotten awful close, it still feels pretty weird to ship them.

On the other hand, Dany and Jon are both attractive adults who aren’t that familiar with each other, played by actors with a solid amount of chemistry (especially offscreen), and it’s very easy to root for them together. Plus, there’s the symmetry in the idea of fire and ice coming together. And the way in which Game of Thrones frames their scenes together acts like a tugboat pushing forward the big, incestuous ship. At the end of Sunday night’s episode, after Jon and Dany narrowly escape the Night King’s army, the two repair to a softly lit chamber where Dany can tend to Jon’s wounds. They spend most of the scene making what the cast of Bring It On might term “cheer sex” eyes on each other.

To quote Britta in Community’s first paintball episode, “The wounded-soldier fantasy means we’re minutes from doing it, right?”

Yeah, there’s a whole lot of passion here. Not that there’s anything wrong in that!

Tell us how you really feel, Jon.

At a certain point, you have to acknowledge the awkwardness of the situation and go.

Until next time, please enjoy Jon Snow sighing.

Bless the Old Gods and the New.

Jon and Daenerys Staring at Each Other, in GIFs