How Justin Bieber’s Swollen Balls Got a Hospital Employee Fired

Bieber. Photo: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

The story, according to TMZ, goes like this: Sometime in May, Justin Bieber logged on to WebMD. He had a problem — a ball problem, caused by a soccer injury. Like any half-sane person who is also prone to bouts of convincing themselves they might have cancer instead of a simple virus, the singer allegedly spent a little too much time on WebMD and convinced himself that he had a twisted testicle, which led him to visit Northwell Health on Long Island. (Before you ask: He’s fine, the ball in question was actually just swollen.) While Bieber found out his genitalia weren’t literally twisted, they are still metaphorically tied up in a new lawsuit involving the hospital and an employee. According to the hospital, a staffer illegally accessed Bieber’s medical file after hearing a rumor that he was admitted for an STD. The hospital then fired the staffer, who has now filed a wrongful-termination lawsuit, claiming that while she heard the STD rumor, she “never accessed Mr. Bieber’s medical file.” Would making a “Sorry” joke be, uh, low-hanging fruit?

Justin Bieber’s Swollen Balls Got a Hospital Employee Fired