Kenan Thompson Is Developing a Sketch Comedy Series for Kids

Kenan Thompson wants to make an All That-style sketch series for today’s generation of kids. According to Variety, Thompson is developing a live-action sketch comedy show for kids with the digital media startup company titled Presents Skoogle. Thompson will voice an “Alexa-like digital assistant for kids” in the series, which will feature a cast of child actors “with sketches satirizing everything from apps to streaming services and social media.” Thompson is developing the show with Albie Hecht, who formerly served as Nickelodeon president and helped develop All That for the network back in the ‘90s. In addition to Hecht, Mason Gordon and All That alum Josh Server will co-executive produce and write on the series with Thompson.

“I’m excited to once again team up with Albie Hecht and work alongside his great new team at to bring Skoogle to life,” Thompson said on the project. “Having been a part of sketch-comedy shows throughout my career, I’m thrilled to be able to introduce the show format that I love to an entirely new generation of kids.” The show will have 10-13 episodes and be aimed at kids from ages 6-11, and has plans to shop the show around to streaming, cable, and broadcast networks over the coming months.

Kenan Thompson Is Developing a Sketch Comedy Series […]