Watch the Trailer for Law & Order’s Menendez Brothers Special


Dick Wolf and Law & Order are looking to keep up with the times (read: Ryan Murphy). Following the dominating trends of anthology series and true crime, the first installment of Law & Order True Crime, dubbed The Menendez Murders, will depict the actual murders of José and Kitty Menendez in 1989 by their children, Lyle and Erik, and the ensuing court case that became a national sensation. Edie Falco (and one hell of a perm) star as the Menendez’s defense attorney, Leslie Abramson, while Gus Halper and Miles Gaston Villanueva star as Erik and Lyle, respectively. The series will debut on September 26 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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Watch Law & Order Tackle the Menendez Brothers Murders