Lorde’s ‘Perfect Place’ Is Being Alone on an Island Resort With Nothing to Do But Serve Lewks

If Lorde were stuck on a deserted island, she’d bring herself and nothing but lewks. Because while Lorde may question whether or not a perfect place exists on her song “Perfect Places” and swears she can’t stand to be alone, its video suggests the opposite. Lorde is a castaway on an island with an entire resort to mosey around by herself that conveniently never seems to run out of tea, wine, and liquor despite not a single staff member in sight. She also brought along a fashionable mosquito net, a gun, and a machete, because Lorde’s a goddamn survivor and she’s gonna do it in style. Never mess with a woman in a floor-length red cape and a vast array of holiday sundresses and beach hats. This is Lorde’s happy place — do not disturb.

Lorde Serves Island Lewks in the ‘Perfect Places’ Video