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Marcia Clark Is Developing a Crime Series for ABC That Sounds a Lot Like Her Own Life

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Marcia Clark is developing a new crime series for ABC that draws from her very specific experience in the world of high-profile court cases. Deadline reports that along with screenwriters and producers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain (of The 100), Clark is developing an unnamed series about a female prosecutor who gets taken apart by the press in the process of losing “the trial of the century.” Said prosecutor is then slightly vindicated and likely horrified when the acquitted murderer she tried to get locked up kills again eight years after the big trial. (We are still talking about the fictional prosecutor, not Clark in real life.) The show is being billed as “part legal thriller, part confessional, part revenge fantasy,” and it will cover how the crimes affect the personal and professional lives of its characters. And maybe the end game of the show is that the prosecutor one day has her struggles in the public eye fictionalized on a critically acclaimed TV drama and she becomes the muse and friend of a celebrated small-screen star. Maybe!

Marcia Clark Is Developing A Crime Series For ABC