Martin Morrow Talks Getting Started in Comedy, and the Best Ways to Celebrate Comedy Month

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TodayTix spoke with Martin Morrow, one of Chicago’s top comedic talents, about Chicago’s comedy scene, his own story, and what kitchen appliance he would be. Good news: he loves vine compilations (like every sane person should)!

Tell us a little about yourself! How did you get into comedy? Any upcoming projects you want to plug

I started doing open mics in 2007 while in college at Auburn University as one half of Tubbi and Martin, where we did a hybrid of sketch and stand-up. When I turned 21, I started taking stand-up more seriously. I also started doing improv and traveling more for comedy, and then I moved to New York where I was horrrrrrible and began to figure it out a little bit. I moved back to Birmingham, where I was able to do a lot more and to grow, then I moved to Chicago in 2011. I have been on the up and up since.

As far as upcoming projects, I’m a producer of Comedians You Should Know, where we have shows at Timothy O’ Toole’s every Wednesday night and I’m also doing the Altercation Comedy Festival Sept 27-30 in Austin, TX.

What do you love about comedy in Chicago?

It’s the ultimate comedy college. I feel like the coasts are where you go to see stars, and Chicago is where you learn to become one. This has been the place for so many brilliant minds to come through, develop, and become great. You get to see such amazing talent all the time.

What are your other favorite comedy cities?

Austin, New Orleans, and Shanghai.

Where are your favorite places in Chicago to perform?

Comedians You Should Know, Lincoln Lodge, Laugh Factory, Comedy Bar, and Zanies.

What comedians do you admire?

I admire Patrice O’Neal for his fearlessness, Kyle Kinane for his honesty, Roy Wood Jr. for his overall stats as an all around stand-up and joke writer, and Ali Wong because OMG HAVE YOU SEEN BABY COBRA??

What shows or venues would you recommend folks check out during Comedy Month?

Laugh Factory always has amazing stand-up, Comedians You Should Know is the best independent stand-up show in the country, and Comedy Bar because I’ll be there a bunch this month.

If you were to be any kitchen appliance, which would you be?

Probably a microwave… I’m always warming everyone up, and I’m a little messy.

First thing that comes to mind - give us your best pee-your-pants from laughter recommendations for:

TV Show: It’s a tie between Rick and Morty and Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Movie: Anchorman

Play or Musical: Little Shop of Horrors

YouTube Video: Almost any collection of vines usually has me doubled over.

To keep up-to-date on Martin’s comedic adventures, you can follow him on Instagram and Snapchat at @martinMmorrow. And to keep up with TodayTix Comedy Month, find us on Instagram and Twitter!

Martin Morrow Talks Getting Started in Comedy, and the […]