Michelle Wolf on Ivanka Trump’s Many Lies: ‘If Eric Was Doing This Shit We’d All See Right Through It’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah welcomes “resident Ivanka Trump expert” Michelle Wolf to recap the many cases where Ivanka has claimed to care about progressive issues like climate change and equal pay despite ultimately supporting her father’s decisions like pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, the transgender military ban, and getting rid of an Obama-era equal pay initiative – one issue in particular Ivanka once promised to fight for. “I’m so sick of everyone thinking Ivanka is the voice of reason,” Wolf says. “Ivanka Trump cares about women the way Donald Trump cares about women: he doesn’t.” Bonus: “Everyone assumes she’s reasonable because she’s the one Trump who doesn’t look like she farts in the elevator.”

Michelle Wolf on Ivanka Trump’s Many Lies: ‘If Eric […]