Gypsy Is Dead; Long Live the Cover of ‘Gypsy’ Stevie Nicks Did for Gypsy

Poor Naomi. Photo: Alison Cohen Rosa/Netflix

Gypsy, the Naomi Watts Netflix thriller that dared ask just how sad one rich white woman can get while commuting on Metro North, has reportedly been canceled after one season. Though the series premiered in June, it accomplished a lot in the few months since its debut, notably giving Naomi Watts another project about which to Instagram and also spurring the new Naomi Watts–Billy Crudup relationship. It’s rare for Netflix to cancel shows, though the streamer has started to change tack recently, ending series like Sense8, The Get Down, and Girlboss. With the departure of Gypsy, we don’t have much to mourn, but let us all pause to remember the best thing about the show: the cover of “Gypsy” Stevie Nicks did for the title sequence:

Like most of Gypsy, the title sequence has the sheen of seriousness and drama, so much so that it routinely tricked me into watching more episodes than I should have while descending into madness one Saturday afternoon. Gypsy is about a therapist who takes on a secret persona as a freelance op-ed journalist after … inventing a new name for herself while ordering coffee. But the Stevie Nicks cover of “Gypsy” from Gypsy promises something more profound: If you edit it into any TV show (which I once did for Younger for reasons I don’t fully care to explain), it immediately seems dark and serious. So pour one out. We may have deserved Gypsy, but we did not deserve “Gypsy,” the cover of “Gypsy” from Gypsy.

Gypsy Is Dead; Long Live Stevie Nicks’s ‘Gypsy’ Cover