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Netflix Is Getting Into the Weed-Selling Business Now

Because “Netflix and chill” has seemingly now been deemed too passé for the streaming era, everyone’s favorite TV-bingeing service has just come up with the next best thing: “Netflix and toke.” As part of a pop-up store occurring in Los Angeles this weekend, Netflix has decided to get in on that sweet, sweet grass action by creating and selling a set of cannabis strains that reflect its original programming slate. (This idea was was likely inspired by its new weed sitcom Disjointed.) Why exactly? Who cares! It’s fun! The marijuana “Netflix Collection” promises that the strains will complement each series based on their “tone” — as evidenced by Arrested Development’s Banana Stand Kush flavor, which is ideal for a “big yellow joint”; or Orange Is the New Black’s Poussey Riot flavor, which pairs well with “kicking it with somebody, talking, making mad stupid jokes.” There’s always money in the banana stand to make you glassy-eyed, after all.

Netflix Is Getting Into the Weed-Selling Business