Paul Scheer Signs On to Write Amazon’s ‘Galaxy Quest’ Series

Paramount revealed back in 2015 that it was developing a television series for Amazon based on the 1999 movie Galaxy Quest, and while the project stalled last year following Alan Rickman’s death, today there’s a big update. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Scheer has signed on to write the series, taking over for original Galaxy Quest writer Robert Gordon who was initially attached to adapt it for TV. It’s unknown yet whether any of the original cast will return for the Amazon series, but original Galaxy Quest producer Mark Johnson is still attached to executive produce the series alongside Gordon. Scheer told Slash Film how his involvement in the series came to be:

I was meeting with Paramount about developing a TV pilot that I had just brought to Sundance and during the conversation they asked what my dream project would be and I said to showrun and be in the new Galaxy Quest series and they were like it’s so funny you say that, because we wanted to ask you the same thing. My mind was totally blown, nothing ever happens like that. I’m so lucky to work with the people at Paramount and Gran Via who are just as passionate as I am about this film.

Scheer didn’t give away many details about his version of the show, but he did add this:I love this movie. So I want to be respectful of what came before this but also capture what was so exciting to me when I first saw this film as a fan of Star Trek and the world of sci-fi.”

Paul Scheer Signs On to Write Amazon’s ‘Galaxy Quest’ […]