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Pitch Perfect 3 May Not Actually Be the End of the Road for the Barden Bellas

Photo: Universal Pictures

Don’t be deceived by Pitch Perfect 3’s cheeky tagline of “Last call, pitches.” Because in Anna Kendrick’s (pitch) perfect world, those Barden Bellas will be singing and doing simple choreographed dance moves until the assisted-living stage kicks in. At least, according to an interview she did with EW, where she weighed in with the following: “Hell yeah! We’d do them forever.” (Interpret “we” as you will here. Does that mean Rebel Wilson? Brittany Snow? The delightful John Michael Higgins?) Regardless of what actually transpires after the third film, screenwriter Kay Cannon already said that this upcoming outing will be the “end of the Bellas as we know them,” and anything after would focus on a “new crop” of ladies. Let’s just hope those scripts, should they happen, pick up in quality — seriously.

Pitch Perfect 3 Might Not Be the Last Film in the Franchise