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Randy Newman Singing His Vladimir Putin Roast Under a Backdrop of Shirtless Putin Photos Just About Sums Up 2017

History may remember 2017 as the year the world collectively disintegrated from its own manmade Dumpster inferno, but at least we had … Randy Newman? For one of humanity’s final purest acts of political satire, Newman brought his Vladimir Putin roast from his new album — which was this close to being a Trump roast comparing penis sizes — to The Late Show last night for a performance so bizarrely entertaining, it’s impossible to look away. Newman singing about how shirtless Putin pics make him “want to be a lady” while said photos provide his backdrop is a sight you just can’t unsee. It’s wrong. It’s right. It’s the cultural apex of these trying times. It’s the only reason we haven’t imploded yet. And now that it’s over, our days can only truly be numbered.

Watch Randy Newman Perform His Putin Roast on The Late Show