hot doggin

Watch Robert Pattinson Run Around New York City Doing a Gollum Voice and Looking for a Hot Dog

Robert Pattinson — or Rob, if you’ve seen Good Time and are cool and in the know — is staring longingly outside of a Bowery Hotel window. He’s hungry — for what, from where, he’s not sure — but he doesn’t want to be spotted by a paparazzi’s lens while grabbing something to munch on. So begins Fear & Shame, the video short that accompanies his GQ profile. In the video, whose script Pattinson wrote himself, he decides on a hot dog, and narrates his quest around the Bowery in a deliciously goofy Gollum voice. Back in the Twilight days, he told GQ, he would leave getaway cars parked around town and even ride in trunks to escape paps. The pressure has lessened a bit since then, but it’s left him extra paranoid. The short is kind of like After Hours meets those scenes of Julia Roberts eating pasta in Eat, Pray, Love: dizzying, frenetic, and hilarious.

Robert Pattinson Does a Bonkers Gollum Voice