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Robert Pattinson Misses His Old Roommate Dustin Diamond, Who Gave Him His First Hot Pocket

Photo: Getty Images

Here’s some trivia you didn’t see coming today: Robert Pattinson used to be roommates with Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech from Saved By the Bell, and Diamond gave him his first Hot Pocket. How do we know any of this? Because Robert Pattinson himself said so when he called into “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.” Now, if Diamond had been the source of this information we’d be waiting on confirmation from Pattinson, but the Good Time star was the one to share memories of his happy days with Screech.

Still skeptical? Well, here’s the direct quote from Pattinson confirming both co-habitation and Hot Pocket consumption. “I was with Screech, Dustin Diamond,” he actually told Seacrest, adding on this sweet little detail, “I loved it. I really miss it. Dustin was the first person to introduce me to Hot Pockets!” So not only did Robert Pattinson live with Dustin Diamond when he first moved to Los Angeles nine years ago, he looks back on their time in the Oakwood apartments of Burbank with a sort of good-old-days fondness. As Us Weekly made clear in its report, that apartment complex is known for housing up-and-coming performers looking to break out. So just when you thought all your questions were answered, consider why Dustin Diamond, in roughly 2006, was living in housing popular among young actors trying to get a foothold in Hollywood. In any case, it sounds like Robert misses Screech, so hopefully the two can reunite for Hot Pockets very soon.

Robert Pattinson Used to Live With Screech