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Seth Meyers Says Trump Might Think a Grand Jury Is Just a ‘Fancier Jury’

With news of a grand jury being impaneled by special counsel Robert Mueller, it’s safe to say that just when things couldn’t get any worse for Trump, they somehow did anyway. In his most recent “Closer Look” segment, Late Night host Seth Meyers admitted that, in all honesty, Trump might actually think that a grand jury is “just a fancier jury.” In his typically spot-on Trump impression, Seth went on to describe the grand jury as “beautiful, gold,” and having “12 chandeliers.” In addition to talking about the grand jury, Seth also remarked about how Trump lied about receiving a phone call of praise from the Boy Scouts and how Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders provided a less-than-clarifying clarification trying to defend him.

Seth Meyers Says Trump Thinks a Grand Jury Is a Fancier Jury