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Seth Meyers Claims Even Trump Is Scared of Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Threat Against North Korea

With tensions rising against North Korea, Trump seems to be only adding fuel to the fire by using extremely bellicose rhetoric against the country and making threats that sound like they were written by North Korea’s state-run propaganda machine. In a Closer Look segment on his Late Night program, host Seth Meyers tackled how Trump’s reckless “fire and fury” ultimatum was so outlandish even Trump is probably scared by what he’s saying. Seth went on to imply that maybe we wouldn’t be inching ever closer to World War III if someone had taken the time to hug Trump 65 years ago. If you have any spare time in between reading articles about how to survive a nuclear blast, watch the above segment, which also comments on the prospect of Stephen Miller becoming communications director and how Vice-President Mike Pence might be positioning himself to run in 2020.

Seth Meyers Says Even Trump’s Scared of Fire and Fury Threat