Seth Meyers Says Trump Is Turning Every Republican Into Gollum From Lord of the Rings

Trump has made it nearly impossible for any reasonable, sane member of the GOP to support him. After Trump’s most recent backpedaling on Charlottesville, in which he eventually defended white supremacists in an on-camera interview, Republicans have made their criticism known, albeit mostly in private, as Seth Meyers pointed out. In his most recent Closer Look segment, the Late Night host claimed that while some Republicans have privately condemned the president, they aren’t quitting nor publicly calling him out. Meyers believes that this sort of duality in Republicans is similar to that of everyone’s favorite ring-obsessed Middle Earth resident. Seth said the president “is turning every Republican into Gollum from Lord of the Rings,” and that while everyone still outwardly supports Trump, on the inside they’re screaming, “No, he’s a crazy racist!” While Meyers’s Gollum impression more closely resembles Gilbert Gottfried, it’s the thought that counts.

Seth Meyers Says Trump’s Turned Every Republican Into Gollum