SNL Writer Katie Rich Reportedly Returns to Weekend Update Following Her Suspension for That Barron Trump Tweet

Photo: Weekend Update: Summer Edition

After tweeting a joke that drew bipartisan condemnation, censure from Chelsea Clinton, and professional repercussions from Lorne Michaels, SNL writer Katie Rich is reportedly back on the late-night-joke-writing grind. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Rich was credited as a writer on last night’s episode of Weekend Update: Summer Edition, her first credit back since her suspension in January. The weekend of President Trump’s inauguration, Rich took to Twitter to riff on the idea that his son Barron Trump could be “the nation’s first homeschool shooter.” The tweet resulted in a petition calling for her job, an “indefinite” suspension from the NBC sketch show, and a comment from POTUS declaring her joke “a disgrace.” Meanwhile, Dan Harmon declared he would hire Rich in a heartbeat. Neither Rich nor NBC have publicly confirmed the writer’s return, but luckily for her, six months have passed and now the political climate is completely free of volatile domestic or geopolitical situations, none of which are just waiting to explode at the touch of a school-shooting tweet.

SNL Writer Katie Rich Reportedly Returns After Suspension