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It Appears Adorable Droid BB-8 Will Spar With Evil Twin BB-9E in The Last Jedi

BB-9E. Photo: Bryan Rowe/Sphero

Remember when BB-8 stole your heart in The Force Awakens? BB-8 will be back in the Last Jedi, but if a new toy released today by robotics company Sphero is any indication, he’ll have a fresh foe: BB-9E, BB-8’s evil twin. The droid has the same soccer-ball-like base as its twin, but has a different shaped head and is black and grey with a red eye. The bad BB is described as a “rolling menace,” and Sphero said that it was part of the Astromech unit of the First Order that keep their starships and machinery operational, according to Variety. We’re calling it now: Go ahead and call it BB-H8, his “obscenely adorable on-set nickname,” according to director Rian Johnson.

Adorable Droid BB-8 Will Face Evil Twin BB-9E in Last Jedi