Meet the Porgs, the Adorable Little Star Wars Creatures You Are Now Contractually Obligated to Love

A porg in the Millennium Falcon. Photo: Lucasfilm

All day Entertainment Weekly has been releasing bits and pieces of information about Rian Johnson’s upcoming Star Wars sequel, The Last Jedi. The story includes hints about new planets and new characters, but you don’t need to care about any of that because there is an adorable new Star Wars alien called the porg that will turn you straight into Veruca Salt because they are the cutest things I have seen in my entire life, seriously daddy, I want a porg and I want one now! It’s like a Furby grew wings, and then stole a pug’s face. Eek!

Here’s all you need to know about the cuddly creatures that are about to invade your dreams: The porg are a species of birdlike alien that lives on Ahch-To, which is the nigh-unpronounceable name of the planet Luke is on at the end of Force Awakens. (You can get another look at them in the Last Jedi sizzle reel.) They were inspired by the puffins that Johnson found on the tiny Irish island that stands in for Ahch-To, and like the puffins, they apparently go absolutely everywhere. Also, they’re all very fond of Luke, and they don’t trust Rey, but that just makes them cuter!

The magazine also shined a spotlight on another alien race that lives on Ahch-To, the amphibious nuns known as the Caretakers, whose job it is to maintain the ancient Jedi temples.

Photo: Lucasfilm

Everybody’s trying to get in on that Handmaid’s Tale aesthetic, apparently.

Meet the Porgs, the New Adorable Star Wars Creatures