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Steve Harvey Said His Leaked Staff Memo Was ‘Cute’ and ‘Not a Big Deal’ to Him

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

While it’s been a few months since the leaking of a scandalous memo Steve Harvey sent to his staff demanding they not approach his dressing room or his makeup chair unless invited or asked directly, Harvey has a few more things to say about the whole affair. “I learned two things from that email … I can’t write and I should never write,” he said at the Television Critics Association press tour. “It was something I wrote a year ago and someone didn’t get a job coming to L.A. and they got pissed.”

Approximately 10 out of Harvey’s 60-member Steve Harvey Show staff in Chicago were invited to work for his Los Angeles show Steve, which debuts in the fall. Harvey added that at the time the memo leaked, he didn’t really understand the backlash over his list of personal space demands:

I was OK until I saw it on CNN and that’s when I know I was in a lot of trouble. The email was out there and it wasn’t a big deal to me at all … I’m not a mean-spirited guy — I’m a very congenial guy to people who know me … I thought it was cute. You all didn’t.

Steve Harvey Said His Staff Memo Was ‘Not a Big Deal’ to Him