Taylor Swift Decides Revenge Is Best Served … in the Mail, Via UPS Truck

Branding partnerships for people already rich enough to live dozens of consecutive lifetimes in luxury are a thing. Jay-Z essentially sold 1 million copies of Magna Carta Holy Grail to Samsung, and after selling part of Tidal to Sprint, he released this year’s 4:44 in conjunction with the cell-service provider. Oh, and remember the time iTunes forced everyone to own the U2 album Songs of Innocence in 2014? Well, Taylor Swift is now embarking on the sacred journey of corporate synergy with a curious partner: good old-fashioned snail mail.

But is a simple corporate sponsorship all this is? Sure, it’s well-established that Taylor Swift loves mail and surprise packages, with select Swifties having been on the receiving end of Swiftmas in the past. And even though Taylor probably won’t package up every single UPS delivery of her products personally, she did put out this eerie video making it seem like her personal fingerprints would be on everything. That’s great news for fans, but doesn’t it seem a little … sinister? It all makes us wonder: What’s in the box, Taylor? Certain unnamed parties might want to send devoted assistants in hazmat gear to check the mail for the next few months.

Taylor Swift Decides Revenge Is Best Served … Via UPS Truck