Taylor Swift Is Now Competing With the Solar Eclipse for Attention

Last week, Taylor Swift went suspiciously dark on social media. Now she’s emerged anew, with a curious Instagram video of a snake. It’s an obvious nod to the commenters who flooded her Instagram with the snake emoji after Kim Kardashian West’s surprise Snapchat leak. But about this video: Might she completely thwart the solar eclipse’s news cycle to drop a single? Could her 1989 follow-up be coming this very week? Swift fans have aired all sorts of astrological hypotheticals online. It’s rumored that she’ll perform at the VMAs with Katy Perry (thus ending their overdramatic feud), but could she even pop up in Katy’s Swish Swish video? Or is this just her way of saying she’s in cahoots with Nagini? Taylor Swift is — long, dramatic, *eyes emoji* pause — reclaiming her time.

Taylor Swift Is Now Competing With the Eclipse for Attention