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Bachelor Alum Corinne Olympios Has Two New Shows in Development

Olympios. Photo: Bob D’Amico/ABC

After receding from the spotlight after being at the center of Bachelor in Paradise’s misconduct investigation (Warner Bros.’ investigation concluded that there was no evidence of misconduct) Corinne Olympios has returned to public life. (“I’m baaaack 😜” she announced on Instagram.) The ex–Bachelor in Paradise contestant told The Hollywood Reporter that viewers will be seeing plenty more of her, if all goes according to plan. “I do have a [reality] show in the works, and I’m also working on a scripted show with one of my favorite producers,” she said. Why? Who can say, really. Will the reality show work as a sleep tracker, documenting her naps? Could the scripted series work as a postmodern companion piece to UnReal? Maybe! Or what about Kitchen Confidential, starring Corinne as a jaded chef making cheese pasta? Olympios declined to give THR any more details on what she has planned.

Update, September 5: In an interview with the Daily Beast, Olympios dropped a few more details about the scripted show she has in the works with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days producer Christine Peters. The show will feature Olympios both in front of and behind the camera, and it will draw heavily on the real-life dating experiences of both Olympios and her friends. “I think people just get so worked up about creating, like, dating pages, or … I feel like it just becomes such a topic of conversation, like, ‘Oh my God, who are you dating? What kind of guy are you going to date? Does this person even look like their picture?’” Olympios said. “I just feel like there are so many questions and new ways of dating, so it’s comical in itself.”

The Bachelor’s Corinne Olympios Has Two Shows in Development