These Niche Podcasts Were Made For You! by Brian Alexander


Marginally Attractive Men in Milwaukee. Do you live in Milwaukee? Do you consider yourself a man who’s at least marginally attractive? Then this podcast is for you! Okay, we know that’s wildly specific, but that’s just the type of zany fun you’ll find in our hour-long episodes where we only discuss the guy stuff that’s important to us marginally attractive Milwaukeeans!

Just Michael F. Richardsons. In each episode, Michael F. Richardson in Chicago phone interviews ANOTHER person named Michael F. Richardson from somewhere around the world. It’s niche podcasting at its finest! Or dumbest? We don’t know! But if you’re a member of the MFR community, you’ll surely want to listen in on this exploration of what it means to be a MFR living in America, plus all the latest MFR news.

Lisa & Megan & All of Mike’s Exes. Dating Mike Richardson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the worst when it’s not the best. Hear all the ups and downs of being in a relationship with “shy” Mikey from the women (and possibly men?) from his past. Lisa and Megan dish all the details from their long-term romances, and surprise guest appearances from crazy college hook-ups teach us how he’s matured since his days in Madison…in and out of the bedroom!

What Did Michael Do in the Dark? On June 15, 2011, Michael Richardson left his Milwaukee home at 2:25 a.m. and didn’t return until dawn. Where did he go? What did he do? In this 10-part real-life thriller, we’ll attempt to answer all the unsolved questions about his very mysterious night with comprehensive interviews, surveillance footage, and eyewitness reports. We can only hope that Michael hears this podcast someday and finally puts all the theories to rest.

Mike Makes Mistakes. From the “erection speech” to getting on that faulty ski lift, Michael Richardson has had quite a few lapses in judgment over his lifetime. Join renowned behavioral psychologist Dr. Kershov in a weekly study of this man’s problematic existence.

Sick BeatZ From MiKey’s Heart. Infuse your afternoons with the hottest rhythms and beats from the Berlin underground, remixed from MiKey’s morning run heart rate monitor. Hacked and hosted by LarZ and Bip. PuLSe. BoP. DaNCE.

Michael Dreamscapes: The Recap Show. Each morning, listen to a new episode recapping all of Mike’s subconscious happenings not transferred to memory. What went down and what does it all mean? Check back daily for fascinating interpretations and analysis.

This Is How You Will Die Mike. Not a fan of spoilers? Then steer clear of this podcast that lays out in exacting detail the final months and events leading up to the end.

Photo by Nicolas Solop.

Brian Alexander is a writer in Brooklyn. You can peruse his stuff here, including a podcast experiment eerily similar to the second one in this post.

These Niche Podcasts Were Made For You! by Brian […]