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Tiffany Haddish Started Her Colbert Interview With a Dance-Off

A formal request: Can Tiffany Haddish continue to dazzle late-night audiences once a week? Just as Haddish started to sit down onstage with Stephen Colbert, she switched it up and went into a smooth body roll. For the next few (glorious) seconds she Nae Naed and did the running man. “I was tryna dance this out!” the Girls Trip star said. Colbert asked all the usual questions — what it was like being the summer’s breakout, plugging her Showtime stand-up special — before Haddish said when she was a homeless comedian working in Los Angeles, Kevin Hart advised her to make her dream to-do list. She wrote down the normal things, like work with Jada Pinkett Smith, be a guest on Colbert’s show, start her own youth center, plus: “I also wrote that Brad Pitt would start asking me to dinner all the time,” she said. “So much that it’s like, Look, Brad, I’m busy. I can’t! I also wrote on there that I wand to get pregnant by Leonardo DiCaprio.” Watch Haddish’s Showtime special this Friday night.

Tiffany Haddish Started Her Colbert Segment With a Dance-Off