Trevor Noah Highlights Felix Sater, the “Broken Tail Light” of the Trump/Russia Investigation

Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah takes a look at the latest news in the Trump-Russia collusion story, this time regarding emails Trump aide Felix Sater sent to Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen during the campaign in which he bragged about how he could “get Putin on this program,” “get Donald elected,” and this:  “Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it.” “I love how obvious all the Trump people were in their collusion emails … These people are so heavy-handed, it’s almost like the emails were composed by a porn writer. That’s how blatant it is: ‘Hello! I just moved in next door, and I’m so horny for collusion!’” Noah says. “This ‘buddy boy’ email may not be the smoking gun for Trump, but what it could end up being is the broken tail light – the thing that gives law enforcement the excuse they need to look into Trump’s trunk. And we all know he’s got a lot of junk in that trunk.”

Trevor Noah Highlights Felix Sater, the “Broken Tail […]